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Getting a dog is a big life decision that you'll never regret. When you want to take that first step, speak with SoJo Bullies. We breed micro bulldogs in the South Jordan, UT area. Our breeder works with clients all across the United States to spread the joy dogs bring to humans. Call our micro bully breeder today to get started on the adoption process.

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Are you ready to get a dog?

Before signing the paperwork for a new furry friend, you want to make sure you're ready to take care of them. Please be sure that you:

  • Have done your research
  • Have puppy-proofed your home
  • Have the time to take care of the dog
  • Are open to learning how to read your dog
  • Have the funds to pay and take care of your dog
  • Can get up early and often to take the dog outside

If you're confident now is the time for you to get a dog, we can't wait to talk with you.

Discover what makes us different

We're the top choice among locals for adopting micro bulldogs. You should adopt from us because we:

  • Breed dogs well
  • Sell dogs from good families
  • Treat our dogs with kindness
  • Ensure that our dogs are friendly to kids
  • Run a family-owned and -operated business

We're happy to see you take your tiny baby home. Contact our micro bully breeder today for more information.

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